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40th Anniversary Limited Edition React Training

Mikko "Pekkis" Forsström


In celebration of Pekkis’ 40th Anniversary celebration, we have teamed up with Mr. Mikhail Novikov
to create a possibly one-time training extravaganza for your learning pleasure.

For the measly price of 1495 EUR + VAT per participant you will now get THREE, not TWO, days of super special frontend development and React training on 21.–23.03.2018.

The first two days are the “regular” Hardcore React Training held by our very own Pekkis. In case you don’t read Finnish (you can use Google Translate to get a longer tankero translation), our training is a basic React course for non-beginners. We code together and talk about code. We move super fast and learn a lot, all production grade quality stuff.

The third day is a truly fantastic GraphQL workshop held by our special guest Mr. Novikov.


The average grade from dozens of previous students is ~4.5/5.

”Getting the best practices handed on a silver platter instead of going through tens of libraries by yourself is just great. I think the training is offering something that is difficult to obtain otherwise without a lot of hard work.”
It was great that the training was really hardcore and not for beginners. The pace was quick enough to be able to cover a lot of stuff in a short amount of time. Small group was definitely a plus. Excellent teacher and relaxed setting.
Engaging training. A crap load of new info and libraries to learn! Great people, fun yet productive time! I enjoyed the course immensely!

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About the teachers

The Hardcore React Training will be held by one of our Founding Fathers, Mikko “Pekkis” Forsström. He’s done web development for about twenty years. For the last three+ years he’s been living, breathing, preaching and teaching React and related technologies.
The GraphQL workshop will be held by Mikhail Novikov. Mikhail is a CTO and co-founder of Reindex, one of the first GraphQL startups in the world. Reindex is now focused on GraphQL consulting and training. Mikhail is an active member of the open source community and contributed to GraphQL projects such as Apollo Launchpad and graphql-tools.

How to get in?

This offer is only available for a limited time. To participate in this fine gathering, contact us at myynti@fraktio.fi and reserve your seat NOW!

Do you have questions? You can contact Pekkis via e-mail (pekkis@fraktio.fi)
or telephone, +358 50 302 8030.

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