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What we do

We design and develop our clients' digital solutions and coach experts in design and technology.

Our goal is to create value and success for our clients through both design methods and modern technological solutions. We work as a coaching partner, not just completing tasks, but sharing a common vision for the project and enhancing our clients' capabilities in modern software development.

When building top-notch services, we focus on strategic design and technology choices that will meet future business needs. In our work, we are also eager to develop operational models and introduce best practices that fit each project.

We aim to cultivate a sustainable consultant scene in Finland and take responsibility for the impact we create in the surrounding world. This is visible in our ways of working and in the choices we make.


Fraktio is an organisation that looks like its employees. We are a group of 40 self-managed, teamwork-oriented professionals. 


Continuous learning and improvement are part of our daily lives. 

Our services

Fraktiolainen istuu vaalenapunaisen taustan edessä. Fraktiolainen Tatu vaaleanpunaisen taustan edessä.


We shape and design digital business solutions. User-centricity is at the core of our work. Through design methods, we ensure that the right things are done in the project, resulting in excellent user experiences.

Fraktiolainen Sofia istuu kukkaseppele päässä oranssia taustaa vasten. Fraktiolainen Sofia istuu kukkaseppele päässä oranssia taustaa vasten..

Software Development

We develop, innovate, and create new digital products. We carry out modern software development with open-source technologies. In our projects, we always consider business goals and users’ needs, not just technological perspectives.



Fraktiolainen Antti seisoo koneen ääressä lilan tausta takana. Fraktiolainen Antti seisoo koneen ääressä lilan tausta takana.

Cloud & DevOps

We advise and work on a variety of DevOps and Cloud-related needs, from scaling services to transitioning to the cloud. We specialize in infrastructure and release process automation. We work closely, especially with the three major cloud service providers (AWS, Azure, and GCP).

Fraktiolainen Aleksi istuu jalat ristissä jakkaralla vaaleanpunainen tausta takana. Fraktiolainen Aleksi istuu jalat ristissä jakkaralla vaaleanpunainen tausta takana.


We offer practical expert-to-expert training in both design methods and the best practices of design and modern software development. Sharing our knowledge is a part of our mission and something we’ve become quite good at.

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Some of our clients

We serve companies of different sizes and in a wide variety of sectors. Our clients include both major enterprises and purposeful startups. We operate in various sectors, such as health care, eCom and retail trade.

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