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Who are we?

We are committed to using our time and expertise to build a better and more sustainable world. At Fraktio we want to do things better, not only for us and our customers but also for humanity as a whole. Change starts with each of us; we believe that we can accomplish big things together. 

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We are a diverse group of software developers, DevOps consultants, and designers.

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12 years

We are a 12-year-old company. Founded in 2012.

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Our revenue in 2023.

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Different trainings that help teams to develop their competences.

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Amazing retreat trips organised. The company's retreat in surprise locations is held annually.


Coaching partnership

At Fraktio, we often talk about coaching partnerships when we talk about our way of working with clients. What does it mean?

  1. Our cooperation with our clients is based on trust and open communication

  2. We don’t only write code and execute tickets; we look forward to strategic design and technology choices that suit the business needs in the future

  3. We train and coach our clients in topics such as Figma, React, React Native, Design Sprints, and accessibility

  4. We don’t shy away from project planning or budget responsibility – these are common interests

Strong expertise with soft values

We are motivated by the meaningfulness of work and continuous development as individuals (and as a company.) We believe in doing things sustainably and with cooperation, we achieve visible results.


Fraktio about us

We hang out at the office during work, and after hours. We're often watching movies or having game nights together.

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We organize Friday Presentations and events every month. In the photo Vitali Gusatinsky's keynote at an event organised by Fraktio and Service Design Network.

Company culture

The Culture

Fraktio is a company founded, owned, and managed by all of us together.

We believe in transparency and sharing. Together we can learn and develop new ways of working. That is why we constantly assess how we can do things better and how to enhance the well-being of our people at work.


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Corporate responsibility

At Fraktio, we are committed to improving our sustainability and being more responsible as a company. We aim to make sustainable decisions and take accountability for the footprint we leave on the world. We have set guidelines and goals for Fraktio's responsibility and sustainability work for upcoming years. 


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