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We take responsibility for what we create

At Fraktio we want to build a more sustainable world with our partners, one digital service at a time. We make informed decisions and develop our services on ethical and sustainable foundations. Our passion is to foster the most sustainable consultancy scene in Finland. We pursue this goal by taking responsibility for our choices and operating models. All our work is guided by our values: integrity, development, and caring.

 Sustainability goals and our commitment

Fraktio’s sustainability vision and mission was created in 2021. We have integrated the goals into our core strategy and purpose.


Sustainability road map until 2026 

We created a road map until the year 2026 that sequences our sustainability work into clear phases, roles and measurable outcomes.

Everyday Fraktio life

We continuously develop our sustainability practices by involving all Fraktio employees. The practices make an impact once fully integrated into our everyday work. 


Fraktio's sustainability team consists of people who want to foster and develop the company's sustainability related matters.

Our sustainability road map guides our actions

Fraktio’s our sustainability efforts are developed in agile ways without hierarchies or top-down demands.

We’ve created a roadmap for Fraktio where we’ve listed the goals for our sustainability work, measurable outcomes and action points for how we plan to achieve them. This is how we ensure that we are moving in the desired direction.

Main sustainability themes

Our sustainability efforts consist of three areas: economic, social, and environmental. Each Fraktio employee commits to following these sustainability principles in their own work.

Economic sustainability

Our economic sustainability is based on viability: we sell and produce economically viable projects and services.

Social sustainability

Our work at Fraktio is based on its employees’ expertise and well-being. We produce meaningful services that have a positive impact.

Environmental sustainability

We want to make choices that are sustainable for the environment. We strive to be an example with our actions and encourage our partners to do the same.


Economic sustainability

Our financial responsibility is based on good profitability: we sell and produce financially sustainable projects and services. This is how we take care of our own competitiveness and make it possible to share good things around us.

However, profitability cannot be achieved at any price. Integrity, our most principled value, strongly guides customer acquisition and our work ethic. Because we want our employees to feel well, we choose meaningful projects and refuse projects that are not in line with our values.


Social sustainability

Fraktio's operations are based on the skills and well-being of its employees. We are motivated by the meaningfulness of work and continuous development. Fraktio has a low hierarchy and a holacratic organisational structure. We continuously develop the employee experience individually and equally.

We are empathetic service developers and involve users in the design and development process. Our long-term goal is to change thinking patterns about what can be done in the IT sector for a better world. For example, we develop Fraktio's diversity and accessibility expertise in every project possible.


Environmental sustainability

We want to make environmentally sustainable choices. We have taken first steps in  environmental responsibility, and we strive to learn and develop continuously. We do not strive for perfection, but build our environmental actions step by step.

We have calculated our carbon footprint and offset it. As a consultancy, most of our co2 emissions come from purchased services such as insurance. Still, we are continuously looking at ways to lower our carbon footprint.

In spring 2022, we were granted the carbon neutrality label by Code from Finland ry. This prestigious recognition is bestowed upon ICT companies who are aware of their carbon footprint, proactively work to reduce emissions through various measures and offset their emissions. The label also empowers buyers to make climate-conscious purchasing choices.

We know our carbon footprint label

Fraktio calculates its carbon footprint and compensates for emissions. The co2 calculation for the year 2021 was carried out by Pääkaupunkiseudun Kierrätyskeskus.

Code from Finland carbon neutrality label

Code from Finland ry granted Fraktio with the carbon neutrality label in spring 2022. The aim of the label is to encourage climate consciousness within the software industry.

Fraktio's carbon footprint

One of the goals of our responsibility work is to find out and understand Fraktio's environmental effects more deeply and to try to reduce our carbon footprint. In 2022, we analysed our carbon footprint from the previous year and what it consisted of. The calculation was carried out by Pääkaupunkiseudun Kierrätyskeskus. The calculation followed the GHG Protocol Corporate Value Chain Accounting and Reporting standard and took into account all emission categories according to the standard (scope 1-3). 

Scope 1 category includes emissions that the company can directly influence. Scope 2 category includes indirect production emissions from purchased energy, e.g. electricity. Scope 3 category includes emissions from the procurement of products and services, i.e. all indirect emissions. We calculate the emissions from all these categories associated with our operations.

Results of the 2021 calculation

Fraktio's 2021 carbon footprint was 111 tons of CO2 equivalent. This corresponds to the carbon emissions of the average Finn for 11 years. Most of Fraktio's emissions (85%) fall under the scope 3 category, i.e. indirect emissions from acquired products and services.


Fraktio's emission distribution

85 %

The majority (85%) of our carbon footprint consists of purchased services and products, such as insurance and purchased equipment.


15 %

Our office's heating emissions are Fraktio's second largest source of emissions (15% of total emissions)

7 %

Our electricity comes from wind power, resulting in a substantial reduction of approximately 7% in our carbon footprint. Without the use of green electricity, the emissions linked to our energy consumption would be 20 times higher.


over 50 %

Purchases of computers, telephones, and peripherals accounted for over half of the carbon footprint associated with our purchased products. Additionally, one-third of the carbon footprint was attributed to food and beverage purchases. 



Fraktio people holding hands

We offset our emissions

We compensate our emissions through the Compensate- foundation. Compensate is a Finnish non-profit foundation that manages a high-level portfolio consisting of versatile carbon sequestration projects. In the portfolio, Compensate takes into account not only the climate impact of the projects but also e.g. the UN's sustainable development goals and biodiversity.

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