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Fraktio as a coaching partner

A key element of continuous learning and development is to share information among professionals. Our training sessions are led by the very same Fraktio employees who design and build digital services for living. 

For us, the most important thing is that what we teach is up to date and practical. That is why our trainings are organised in small groups and the content is constantly being developed.


Private training

Would you like to develop your team’s competence? In our private training, we always tailor the content according to your needs and set the coaching goals together.



All training programmes

Design | Software development | Organisational transformation

Fundamentals of Accessibility

This training gives a good overview of and insight into different aspects of accessibility and how to take them into account in your own work.

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Basics of remote facilitation 

Do you need tools for keeping the energy level up and people engaged behind their screens? Learn to use practical tools that help you succeed in remote facilitation.

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Design Sprint 

Learn in our Design Sprint training how to guide your team to build a user-tested prototype in less than a week.

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Facilitation methods for agile teamwork

Facilitation skills are essential for driving success in digital services and business development.  If you want to learn how to facilitate processes and strengthen your team's cooperation, our tailored training offers your team tools, methods, and experiences.

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Fundamentals of Figma 

Learn to use Figma, the most versatile tool of modern design, at your own pace. In 1–4 days, you will learn the skills needed to master the tool.

Figma Advanced 

Do you want to become a top-notch Figma expert? Learn the secrets of user-centric design in the intensive two-day training.

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Learn to build API architecture with the best GraphQL practices.

React Native training

With two days of intensive coding, we will create an application that uses APIs offered by Reach Native. We will also learn more about popular open source code modules. 

The toughest React training in Finland 

 In this two-day hands-on training session, we code a ready-for-production React application from start to finish, using skills and tools that are immediately applicable to your work projects.

Structures of self-management in practice 

We spar and coach decision-makers and leaders, explaining what a self-managed, teamwork-oriented organisation really means when it comes to leadership, structures and operating models.

UX/UI training from basics to professionals

In our UI/UX training, you will learn a wide range of skills from concept refinement to layout design and user testing.

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Continuous improvement

The goal of our training is to drive positive change in your ways of working. That is why our coaching covers both best development practices and design methods and facilitation tools. When tailoring specific trainings, we work with you to define how to measure success.


Learn how to facilitate effectively

Join our FREE online course "Get Started With Facilitation" 

Want to learn how to minimise unnecessary meetings, facilitate workshops remotely, make decisions together, and prioritise the tasks that really deliver the best value?

In this beginner course, we give you everything you need to get started!

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Could your team do with some coaching?

Let’s discuss your needs in more detail! Our coaches help you tailor the optimal training package for you. Send us a message – we’re happy to help you!

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