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Why do so many new apps feel immediately intuitive to use? How come some services look better than others?

We know that anyone can learn to design, even in two days. We teach everything you need through practical exercises, from refining a concept to designing layout appearances to testing it with real users. User interface and user experience design, also known as UI/UX design, is a collection of multidisciplinary methods that enable us to shape an idea into a real-world service that people can use with ease.

In this course we teach the fundamentals of design and offer easy to understand ways of dealing with even the most complicated concepts involved. We teach through concrete examples and practical exercises that you can adapt into your own work immediately.

We provide you with a 20+ booklet that gives you an overview of everything taught in the course, as well as additional resources for you to continue developing your skills even after the course. Everyone who completes the course is given access to our alumni Slack channel where you can ask questions far after the course is over.

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Learn design methodologies in a group that enables you to refine an idea into a tested package ready for coding

  • Learn Design Sprint exercises that help you make an idea into a functional service.
  • Develop a service concept into user-centric wireframes.
  • Learn how fast you can create prototypes and perform user testing.
  • Refine wireframes into visual layouts and interactive prototypes.

The course participants are in groups of four (max. 3 groups, 12 participants). Each group conceptualizes, refines and designs a service of their choosing through exercises presented.

Who is the course for?

You can be a developer or someone who works in software development, such as a product owner who wants to improve team performance. You will learn design thinking and have exercsies to identify usability issues in your arsenal.

You do not need previous design experience. The course is suitable if you work in the IT industry and are interested in wanting to be able to transform an idea into a fully-formed, ready-to-code, service.

Note! If you want to only learn Design Thinking or Design Sprint methods, get in touch and we will organize a one-day intensive course on just that topic.


The course is taught by Vitali Gusatinsky. Vitali has designed interfaces from a young age and has worked as design lead on services for brands such as MTV Media, Bloomberg, Visma Solutions and Microsoft.

Vitali organizes Design Sprint workshops for companies of all sizes and has taught design to developers as well as non-technical people. He has distilled his best teachings and methods into this intensive course to give as much value as possible to all participants, regardless of their background.


Learn to create interactive prototypes and test them with end-users

Course contents

The course begins with an introduction to basic concepts and proceeds with exercises to build a prototype using pen and paper. On the second day, this prototype and its findings will help build a digital version of the service that is then branded. Throughout the course, various design concepts are presented and tested with users.

Day 1

  • General design principles
  • Google Ventures’ Design Sprint
  • Wireframing
  • User personas, empathy maps
  • User flow mapping
  • Storyboarding
  • Prototyping
  • User testing, part 1

Day 2

  • Good usability
  • Using Figma
  • User testing, part 2
  • Q&A

Next courses

The course happens at our office in Kamppi.

Our normal courses are arranged in Finnish, if you would like a UI/UX course in English, please contact us and let’s arrange a private course.

The course is 1 495 €/person (+ VAT). If you want to participate, send us an email at: valmennus@fraktio.fi.

Private course?

If you are many or want to get an exclusive session, we will gladly produce a private session, either at our office or yours. Send us an email and let’s figure out the details!


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