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Design Sprint training session

Rapid experimentation

Learn in our Design Sprint training how to guide your team to build a user-tested prototype in less than a week.

Nowadays, the requirements and pace of development are only accelerating. The value of Design Sprint in producing quickly and user-centered tested solutions is becoming self-evident, but incorporating it into your work can feel vague or difficult. In the training, you will learn how to facilitate your own design sprints through practical exercises.

From an idea to a user-tested prototype

Design Sprint is a step-by-step process that takes you from an abstract idea to a concrete prototype that's tested with real customers.

Thousands of companies use agile methods to build high-quality services that receive praise from their users and redefine how different sectors can serve their customers. At Fraktio, we use Sprint methods comprehensively as well as pointwise according to needs in our projects daily.

Instead of merely helping run Design Sprints, we want to teach these core skills to all organizations. This enables teams to work more efficiently, and more collaboratively when the voices of every individual can be heard, and the best ideas rise to the surface.

Design Sprint 1

An entire production cycle in one week

In today's world, the pace of development is high. Companies and organizations alike are tackling increasingly large and hard-to-define challenges. With traditional development models, the scope and resource needs of projects grow massive before any user has seen the service being created for them. It is too easy to create services for which there is no market if the project is not clearly linked to the needs and contexts of real people.

Instead of seeing the effects of our decisions only in production, agile and user-centered methods help us get feedback quickly and often so we can learn where we should focus our attention.

How does a Design Sprint work in practice?

Fraktio Design Sprints consist of four distinct phases that require four days to complete. Training takes just a day.

1. Identify and ideate

We begin by understanding challenges and prioritizing them, listening to experts, and deciding on a common goal. Finally, we explore different ways of solving the challenge by ideating what a solution could be.

2. Decide and design

The second day is about decisions: what is the solution model we believe in the most, and what plan can get us to a tested result in two days? By the end, we have a clear plan to follow.

3. Build

The core group uses the third day to build a prototype and user test plan that will enable testing on the last day.

4. Test

Each Design Sprint culminates in a user test, where we learn how our solutions are experienced by those we hope to help and serve.

What you will learn

In a one-day intensive training, you will learn how to facilitate your own design sprints by doing guided exercises in a group. We go through the requirements and exercises of each stage, where you learn how to successfully organize your own workshops and sprints to develop services more agilely.

The training also includes our PDF guide, where you will find several different exercises for each stage as well as detailed instructions on how to perform them. You also learn how to use the Mural tool for remote sprints and gain access to our course alumni slack channel, where you get more support after the course to ensure that you can apply the skills you learned during the course in your everyday life.

Who is the training suitable for?

The training is suitable for all working individuals interested in learning user-centered agile methods. You don't need a design background or technical expertise, the most important thing is that you can orient yourself in web services and apply the instructions to practice without prejudice during the course.

Training contents

Part 1: Sprint basics

  • Design Sprint history and value
  • Workshop methodology
  • Sprint structure, daily goals
  • Building shared understanding, empathizing
  • Ideation, deciding

Part 2: Building prototypes and user testing

  • Refining concepts into wireflows
  • Creating interactive prototypes
  • Finalizing a design sprint
  • User testing preparations
  • Running a user test
  • Evaluating results as a team
  • Action plan for next steps
Coach Vitali Gusatinsky


Vitali Gusatinsky

Vitali is a wizard of user-oriented design. He has coached facilitation, design methods as well as UX/UI design for companies of different sizes, helping them succeed and adopt agile methods.

He has designed user interfaces since he was a young chap and has worked as the lead designer of mobile and web services in projects such as MTV Media, Maaseudun Tulevaisuus, Visma Solutions, and Microsoft.

Vitali has created online and mobile services for over 10 years and has worked with the world's biggest brands. Vitali has also coached in Finland's most prestigious design schools.

Design Lead

Tailored training for your organization?

We are currently only offering Design Sprint training in a customized format. So, if you are a complete team or a company, we would be happy to arrange private training for you at a suitable time, at a package price, in Finnish or English. Send a message using the form to talk more about how we can help.