Design is a key element in our work. We create a perfect combination of users’ needs and business goals.


Design as a source of business value

Good design and client insight yield the best client experience. We design, research and plan digital services and business. 

Focusing on clients’ experiences enables companies achieve better results. According to a study by Forrester, design thinking may result in companies achieving up to 85% ROI (2019). Our design methods help mitigate risks as decisions are based on research-based data and user insight.


Fraktio’s design approach

For Fraktio, design is much more than just designing good-looking user interfaces. It promotes client understanding and serves as the foundation for decision-making. Beautiful pixels are a given but mean nothing if services do not strike a chord in their end-users.

Fast track to concrete solutions

We use workshops and user research to get quickly to concrete solutions. By documenting and visualising information, we create a shared understanding and guide efforts in the right direction. Our design process gives us a solid grasp of what makes a service valuable to its users.

Close cooperation

For us, co-creation always plays a crucial role. Our aim is to get clients, business people and developers around the same table. We cooperate closely with developers. Constant dialogue between designers and developers prevents siloing and makes the service as user-friendly as possible.

Iteration and agile experimentation

We build light prototypes to explore the feasibility of our solution and iterate changes before creating the final product. This reduces workload and ensures that the released service meets the end-users’ needs from day one.

Coaching partner

Our work is constantly changing and evolving and we share our expertise within client organisations. Our coaching approach can be seen in each and every project. We want to empower teams and individuals in the use of client-centric methods as we believe they give the best results for end-clients. We provide pro-level trainings in service design, UX/UI design and Figma.


Design Sprint

Design Sprint

Design Sprint is a method that we have used to help dozens of clients to get from the idea to the service concept in just a few days.

Käyttäjätutkimus nostokuva

User research

User research seeks to increase or deepen user understanding. You might want to know who your clients are, how they use your service in their daily lives or what kinds of challenges they encounter. This is where research can help you!

Palvelumuotoilu nostokuva

Service design

Service design helps you solve business challenges and ensure that your project is on the right track. Create a service that truly is in demand. We validate business ideas, project scopes and the actual impact of ideas.

UI suunnittelu nostokuva

UX/UI design

UX design refers to building client understanding with different methods. UI design turns the results of UX design into practical solutions and client understanding into a concrete user interface. User interfaces designed by us serve their purpose and create a good experience.



We have helped numerous organisations take their services to the next level. We pursue change that has a maximum impact on the daily lives of both users and organisations.

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Fraktio as a partner

Comprehensive partnership

We are happy to be there for you right from the start of the project, helping you outline your goals. Together, we run iterations until we create a service that grows with your business.

Focusing on user-centricity

When you need to know more about users or collect information to serve as a foundation for better solutions, we are ready to help you! We give your services a form that can be put into production quickly. Our system-based design approach creates solutions that are always feasible and strike a chord in their users.

Sustainable design

Fraktio’s sustainability strategy guides our operations. In our sustainable design, we pay particular attention to accessibility, usability, client diversity, inclusivity and catalysing changes in the operating environment.  We help you create sustainable services that take the planet and people into account.

Fraktion Design-palvelut Antti ja Petteri

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