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Service design
UX/UI design
Mobile development

Terveystalo Pro is a mobile application with which Terveystalo's experts, such as doctors and therapists, manage their work lists and monitor the payment of fees.

We designed and implemented the React Native-based application for iOS and Android platforms in close collaboration with Terveystalo. We released the first version after only three months of rapid development, after which we continued developing the app further.

The app found a place in the lives of medical professionals faster than we had even anticipated and is now a regular part of many Terveystalo experts’ toolkits.  

The idea for the application arose from the need of the employees

At the very beginning of the project, we mapped and identified the business needs of doctors and Terveystalo using service design methods. The project started from a situation where Terveystalo's experts always handled changes in work shifts in-person with the medical account managers. Communication took place e.g. by e-mail, telephone, and text messages. The goal of the project was to transfer the management of work shifts to the application so it would be as fast and as convenient as possible, regardless of time and place.

Behind Terveystalo Pro is a funny story about an elevator pitch! Professionals had long wanted the app to manage their work and provided feedback and ideas in the units. When the CEO visited one of our units, the unit's medical account manager pitched the idea of the application to him during a few minutes of the elevator ride, and this is where the design of Terveystalo Pro started.
Maija Savolainen-Koskinen Development Manager, Terveystalo

Healthtech design with development team collaboration

With the design, we identified key functions that professionals wanted to do regardless of time and place, such as viewing to-do lists, opening and closing times, and reviewing payments. With the help of service design methods, we were able to prioritize future activities together with Terveystalo's team. In addition, involving the right users and stakeholders quickly corrected the assumptions of the development team, and ensured that the right things were built.


User understanding is at the heart of doing

For the application to serve the needs of the users in the best possible way, we involved the users in the design of the application - one of the key parts of the design work was user interviews.

We utilized user feedback in the development work and interviewed users about the problems in their work, as well as experiences and ideas related to the application.

Through user feedback, we received a lot of important information and the users were satisfied because they felt that they were taken seriously and that their views and feedback played an important role in the development of the service.
Maija Savolainen-Koskinen Development Manager, Terveystalo

Introducing Design System 

We designed a Design System for the user interface. In practice, this means that new layouts are faster to design and implement by recycling finished blocks. The visual appearance and clear logic of the application will remain consistent with the help of the design system and can be utilized in other Terveystalo applications.

Modern technologies, strong authentication and integrations

The application uses strong authentication through bank IDs. This is integrated into Terveystalo's patient information system, so the service works seamlessly from the perspective of its users. React Native enabled us to efficiently develop iOS and Android versions simultaneously.

There was no need to make the app too fancy, as the intention was that the user would spend as little screen time as possible within the application. Terveystalo Pro is specifically intended to make work easier, and not take the user's time. Therefore things like animations have been completely removed from the application.
Johan JR Ruokangas
Johan Ruokangas Software developer, Fraktio
React Native has proven to be an excellent and successful technology choice. It has agilely and quickly made a well-functioning application.
Maija Savolainen-Koskinen Development Manager, Terveystalo
Fraktio - Referenssit - Terveystalo - Tiimikuva
The anniversary of TerveystaloPro's release was celebrated with cake by the team.

Close cooperation

The secret to good cooperation is close daily co-operation and an open culture for discussion. The team consisted of two Fraktio’s software developers and one designer. In addition, the team included the customer’s own designer, developer, tester, product owner and project manager. The entire team worked in Fraktio’s office in common spaces, which facilitated team collaboration.

We had a hybrid team with both Terveystalo’s own employees and Fraktio’s people. This was a good combination for the project. Retrospectives were held regularly to allow for opportunities to address feedback and challenges encountered when there was a lot of work and little time. It was an important part of our success that everyone had the opportunity to put all their effort and concentration into the project.

Fraktio took excellent ownership of the project, with Lead Developer and Scrum Master leading the technical development. Fraktio also helped keep team spirits high, which ensured a good atmosphere within the team.

Maija Savolainen-Koskinen Development Manager, Terveystalo

The mobile app quickly reached its goals

The application reached its user group faster than we could have imagined and now a large number of Terveystalo's healthcare experts use Terveystalo Pro regularly. The application continues to serve its purpose and is now used to handle some of the work that Terveystalo's experts previously performed through customer service.

We had a goal to get Terveystalo Pro launched at the Finnish Medical Convention in September 2019. After three months of development, the goal was achieved and the application was introduced to users. Now, a year later, the app has been downloaded more than 5 000 times and a large number of professionals in our network are actively using it.
Maija Savolainen-Koskinen Development Manager, Terveystalo


Service design as a change driver

The success of the project was influenced by the service design methods used during the project, such as user research, conceptualization, agile co-development workshops, user path diagrams and prototyping.

Prototypes as accelerators

We made quick interactive drafts of the service to support decision-making.

Testing, testing

We tested new functions at an early stage with both users and employees at Terveystalo to quickly learn if our assumptions are true or false.

Data as a support

Based on data analytics and feedback, we constantly monitor how the application is actually used. We raise our findings as a basis for further development.

Team accomplishments

over 5000

The application has been downloaded more than 5000 times and a large part of the professionals in Terveystalo network use it actively.

3 months

After three months of development, the goal was achieved and the application was presented to users.


The team had a strict goal to have Terveystalo Pro launched at Finnish Medical Convention in September 2019, and that's what they did.

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