The best mobile app for financial management in Finland

Kädet pitävät puhelinta, jossa Fennoan sovelluksen kirjautuminen Kädet pitävät puhelinta, jossa Fennoa mobiilisovelluksen kirjautumissivu.


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Fennoa, which provides cloud-based financial management software, has been developing its online service for a long time. However, a few years ago, they recognized the demand for a dedicated mobile application. Both accounting firms and end-customers wanted a mobile application that would cover the most important functions. 

We developed a mobile application for Fennoa, an the app has received nothing but praise from its users.

The Client

Fennoa was established in 2014. Their aim was to provide Finnish accounting firms with a competitive, independent, automated, and digital cloud-based financial administration service. The company's flagship product is the electronic financial administration software Fennoa, which streamlines time management and communication between the accounting firm and the client. Fennoa is already used by 500 accounting firms and over 30 000 of their end-clients.

The Challenge

Fennoa had developed a browser-based mobile solution, which allowed customers to manage the most important tasks, such as adding receipts, documents, and purchase invoices. However, users wanted a separate mobile application. Therefore, Fennoa was looking for a partner who could develop iOS and Android apps. Improvements to the user experience were also requested.

We had previous experience of a joint client project with Fraktio, and they knew what they were doing. They have solid mobile expertise and good references. In particular, the mobile application that was recently built for Terveystalo convinced us.

Mikko Kalliovaara CEO, Fennoa & Product Owner, Fennoa Mobile
Näyttökuva Fennoa Mobiilista, jossa ostolaskuja on valittu maksuun.
In Fennoa Mobile, it is now possible to directly pay purchase invoices, the first of its kind in Finland.

Confidence from user research and testing

We replaced Fennoa’s browser-based mobile version with a React Native -based mobile app. React Native can be used to develop an app that works on both iPhones and Androids, thus eliminating the need to create an app separately for each operating system.

Fennoa had an initial idea of the features that users wished for. We validated the information right from the start of the collaboration through user surveys and interviews with, for example, accounting firms. It turned out that the end-users of the mobile application are mostly entrepreneurs and employees. The desktop application, on the other hand, is used more by accounting firms. Therefore, the mobile version needed a clearly different set of functionalities than the desktop version.

A user-oriented approach is at the heart of our work. We conducted a great deal of user testing with prototypes. The team also included a tester from Fennoa, so every new feature was always approved by two testers. Testing played a big role in the development of the product and ensured high-quality results. There have been very few bugs and hardly any negative feedback.

Users want an application that is fast and easy to use. Speed, in particular, is not at all a given. We wanted a high-quality, fast mobile app – and we got it. Our users are happy too.

Mikko Kalliovaara
Mikko Kalliovaara CEO, Fennoa & Product Owner, Fennoa Mobile

Trusted team takes care of everything

For the Fennoa project, we put together our own team where our UX/UI designer also works as the project manager. The team also includes four mobile developers, one being from Fennoa.

Our team is passionate about developing the Fennoa app as if it were our own: for example, we take responsibility for the publishing decisions. We don't just think in terms of code or tasks, we consider the whole picture, such as business goals.

Fennoa's product owner is, of course, involved in the project but does not need to be involved in the daily or even weekly activities. Fennoa has trusted our team with the development work.

Not only did Fraktio provide us with project management, but also with planning and implementation from start to finish. We pretty much got a turnkey service.

With a whole team in place, we don't have to manage the project ourselves. The difference in performance is like night and day. Fraktio managed the difficult mobile development independently from the start.

The people at Fraktio are a nice and enthusiastic bunch, and they clearly love what they do. It also shows in the end result.

Mikko Kalliovaara
Mikko Kalliovaara CEO, Fennoa & Product Owner, Fennoa Mobile

Fennoa's customer and user-centric approach, along with a clear roadmap, provided a solid foundation for developing the mobile application alongside the web version. As consultants, we were granted significant autonomy and responsibility in leading the project and refining operating methods.

Lassi Vehviläinen
Lassi Vehviläinen Designer, Fraktio
Fennoan tiimiläiset istuvat tiimitilassa työskentelemässä
An autonomous team delivers results. We take charge of not only the development work of Fennoa Mobile app but also project management responsibilities.
Pöydällä olevasta kuitista otetaan puhelimella kuva.
User insight creates a solid foundation for prioritizing. Documenting receipts is one of the most common use cases of the application.

We share our solid experience with the customer 

We have a long and diverse experience in mobile app development. Mobile development is fundamentally different from web development, for example in terms of testing and release processes. Thanks to our long experience, we can take these issues into account in advance.

Our approach is consultative and coaching: we aim to teach mobile development to the client's team so that they are better equipped to do things themselves.

Fraktio is a product development company, like us. We have been able to observe their practices and learn even better ways of working from them. For example, we have understood the importance of usability design.

Mikko Kalliovaara
Mikko Kalliovaara CEO, Fennoa & Product Owner, Fennoa Mobile
Näkymiä sovelluksesta. Näkymiä sovelluksesta.

A shared vision results in the best financial administration application in Finland

The Fennoa mobile app was launched in January 2022. We will continue to develop it with the same team, paying close attention to users' wishes. The app has received nothing but praise from them: it's easy and fast to use and solves their daily problems.

Like us, Fennoa has a culture of self-direction, flexibility, and ambition. Along the way, we have found that we have achieved things that no one has done before. For example, you can pay your purchase invoices directly in the app, in addition to getting them approved.

There is no invoice payment in other applications. It's groundbreaking. Together we have created the best financial administration mobile app in Finland. The collaboration will continue as long as needed, and the end result will be a stunner!

Mikko Kalliovaara
Mikko Kalliovaara CEO, Fennoa & Product Owner, Fennoa Mobile

Our companies' shared values and long-term commitment help us achieve high quality and make users satisfied. The team spirit is excellent, and there is a lot of humor, even though the project involves contributors from three different companies.

Lassi Vehviläinen
Lassi Vehviläinen Designer, Fraktio

The collaboration with the team and Fennoa's experts has been very smooth, and it can be seen in everyday life through quick responsiveness, a positive discussion culture, and how the team supports each other. It has been great to be involved in creating Finland's best financial management mobile app and also to work in a team that includes three talented female developers.

Riina Moilanen
Riina Moilainen Developer, Fraktio

It's great to see how well we collaborate on the project. The client has a clear vision of what they want and a conversational approach to the project. For the past twelve years, I have focused on web development, so Fennoa is my first mobile app project, and it has been wonderful to learn from the team and enjoy the client's trust.

Tiia Nyholm
Tiia Nyholm Developer, Fraktio