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The renewed mobile app enables 24 Center to grow in the international market

24 Center is a property maintenance emergency center that makes it fast and effortless for homeowners to find the technician they need when they need it. The platform-based service solves problems by connecting, for example, a customer who needs plumbing, electrical, or lock work and a home services professional who performs the work.


The customer calls 24 Center's emergency room in case of a building technical problem.


24 Center's customer service representative receives the order and forwards it to the partner network.


The technician partner accepts the job offer, contacts the customer, and completes the assignment.

What we are proud of

  •  A solid and platform-independent technological basis for further development of the service.
  • Clear, easy-to-use and scalable interface.
  • User management and partnering to make everyday life easier for partners.
  • Improved information flow to bring added value to end customers.
  • Localized applications in Finnish and Swedish application stores.
  • The new partner application enables the expansion of 24 Center's business abroad.

The development of partner application as a strategic focus

At the start of the project, 24 Center already had a mobile application, which was used by the partners and had the basic functions in place. The application met the basic needs of the users. However, small but significant issues were impairing the user experience. Among other things, announcements about new job offers didn’t always get through, and the app sometimes logged the user out by itself.
24 Center wanted to invest in the development of a partner application in line with its new strategy. It wanted to create a platform-independent code base for the application as well as raise the user experience to the first class. 
24 Center had in mind a long list of new features which they wanted to add to the application. Before adding the new features, they wanted to create a solid foundation for development. For that, 24 Center needed a skilled partner and chose Fraktio.

Business perspective - expected and delivered

As investing in application development is a strong part of 24 Center's strategic direction, Fraktio was also expected to contribute to understanding the development work from a business perspective. 

At Fraktio, our way of working includes ensuring that every member of the team understands the basics of the customer's business. Development is done in a user-oriented way, keeping in mind which things are feasible from a business perspective.

"We got great ideas for developing the service from both Fraktio’s designers and developers. Several of their views were in line with our strategy and confirmed that we are on the right path and doing the right things."

Eero Väänänen 24 Center
Eero Väänänen CTO, 24 Center

What we did

  • User research
  • UX / UI design
  • Visual design
  • React Native application development for Android and iOS
  • Project management
  • Recruitment consulting

User understanding is the first step to a successful project

By user-driven design principles, we felt it was important to involve 24 Center partners in the development of the new application. The project started with (remote) user research even before the actual kickoff of the project. This helped to empathize with the partners and provided a good starting point for new application development.

The interviews helped us identify the user groups and user paths for the app as well as understand the daily lives of the 24 Center’s partners. The excellent user experience takes into account the needs of the technician partners at different stages of the job assignment.

"Beginning with the first meeting, we developed a relationship of trust and a feeling that you do know your part and look at things through the eyes of the customer. Fraktio’s team thinks about development from a business perspective and not just from a technical perspective."

Eero Väänänen 24 Center
Eero Väänänen CTO, 24 Center

"The 24 Center team had already done a great job before the project – user satisfaction was already at a good level. User-centered thinking has also fitted well with their culture and practices."

Lassi Vehviläinen
Lassi Vehviläinen Suunnittelija, Fraktio
24Center-autossa 24Center-autossa_mobile
24 Center's app users, technicians, and building professionals are often on the go.

The scalable application enables internationalization

We helped 24 Center create a solid technological foundation for application development and a seamless user experience for partners. With the new application, 24 Center has been able to generate significant added value for both its partners and end customers. Information flows more smoothly, enabling even higher volumes and thus higher turnover for partners.
New features introduced in the app make everyday life easier for partners. In addition, the design focused on clarifying the application's structure and navigation. This helped to take into account the scaling needs brought about by the internationalization of 24 Center and the further development of the application.
The quality of the application allows 24 Center to expand its business abroad and thereby grow. The service is already in use in Sweden and will soon be piloted in other Nordic countries.

"The application has acted as an enabler of internationalization and makes it possible to introduce new features to the application safely and smartly."

Eero Väänänen 24 Center
Eero Väänänen CTO, 24 Center

We help recruit developers

24 The Center will soon need to grow its own internal IT team and recruit developers. We will continue to cooperate and help the customer, among other things, with how to find the right person with the right skills and best suited for the team.

"At the team level, I have been really happy with Fraktio. There have been some of the more senior and most knowledgeable people. Seniority has been essential to the project."

Eero Väänänen 24 Center
Eero Väänänen CTO, 24 Center

"I am really grateful that 24 Center made it possible for me to do my mentoring period and be part of the team. I have learned tremendously about developing mobile applications and acting as a consultant. Co-operation with Eero has been easy and effortless."

Riina Moilanen-1
Riina Moilanen Developer, Fraktio

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