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Your agile partner in digital business development

Whether you’re developing a mobile application from concept or an existing complex digital service, we are your partner in the long run. We help you succeed in every phase of the project. We research, design and develop. We start co-operation with discovering and defining the current state and needs of the project, from which we establish common understanding and clear objectives.



The best solutions arise from real problems through research

When starting a project or a new phase in a project lifecycle, research plays a crucial role. You might be wondering, what to prioritise? How to involve the right stakeholders? How to use data in decision making?

We have the tools, skills and knowledge to define focus areas. Together, we can leverage your data, do research and find the best, most sustainable solution for you.

Our research is based on co-creation and collaboration. We work with user-centered mindset and it’s in the core of our design and development work. We strive to include testing with a genuine target audience in each of our projects. This also minimises risks within the project.

How can we help?

Audits and surveys

User tests


Design Sprints

Data-driven decision making


Much more than pretty pixels – Design creates value and first-class experiences

The role of the design in a software and mobile development project is not only to make things pretty, but to create a user experience that engages, empowers and helps improve the service.

As a customer you want to have an excellent user experience at all stages of the project. Our experienced design team works in collaboration with our 25 developers. We are always able to implement everything we design. We love to move quickly to concrete visualisations and involve people in the process to obtain the best results.

How can we help?

UX Design

Visual design

Interaction design

Design Sprint


Great ideas deserve a top-quality execution – Our dev teams have expertise, resilience and dedication

Are you looking for modern component-based software development, fitting in a cloud environment, with accessibility built in? We do it and love it!

We choose technologies according to the goals and requirements of the business. Expect choices that are open source and free from license costs. We strive for predictability, speed, quality and cost-effectiveness.

We build new solutions and iterate on existing ones, while keeping the needs of the business in mind and the end customers involved, throughout the service lifecycle.

How can we help?

Full-stack development


API design & development

Architecture design


Years of cutting-edge mobile development

Mobile development is a natural extension in the world of web-based applications we happen to master. Because of our strong fullstack experience, we produce the necessary backend solutions with the same team.

We help you to build, test and release you five-star mobile application while keeping in mind the end-users as well as the overall business objectives.

How can we help?

Mobile specific development

React Native solutions

Mobile performance

iOS & Android platforms


Agile methods for creating and maintaining modern software solutions

The core of our DevOps is to enhance cooperation, increase transparency and make the delivery process more efficient.

Our DevOps specialists work as a part of our teams or as consultants in environments that require their exquisite know-how.

The benefits of DevOps are that it unites teams and enables faster product releases as well as increases the automation in development processes. We want all our experts to do their work where they provide the best value for our customers.

How can we help?

Cloud Native solutions

Cloud agnostic approach

True DevOps mindset

Automation & monitoring


Raising the bar of Finnish professionals

We share what we know, both internally and externally. We live by coaching mentality, sharing our knowledge and raising the capabilities of teams and individuals we work with.

Our coaching teams consists of the same professionals who design and build digital solutions to our customers, and this makes our trainings practical and up-to-date. We’ve trained people on UX/UI-design, service design, software development, and organizational improvement.

How can we help?

Design Sprint



React Native

Service Design

UX/UI Design

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