Women in Tech Breakfast Date: Professional Development as an Enabler for Business Growth


Are you interested in hearing why and how investing in professional development can be a fuel for a company’s growth and transformation? In order to stay alive in turbulent times companies need to invest in people’s well-being, their knowledge, skills and abilities. People are one of the key success factors for business stability and growth.

In this event, you’ll learn through an inspiring panel discussion why professional development is important both on the individual and organisational level as well as how to enable it in your organisation. Our speakers will share examples of how skills development has acted as a key factor in business expansion and growth.


Anni Iso-Mustajärvi is a builder of digital transformation. Anni leads the development and expansion of BeeHealthy digital health platform that enables digitalization for health care providers worldwide. In Mehiläinen, Anni has previously lead a team-building insight through data. Mehiläinen is the biggest private social and healthcare provider in Finland that fully supports the patient pathway with digital tools to enable superior customer experience, monitoring of patient safety and outcomes.

Helena Mustikainen is responsible of Sitra’s Lifelong learning project. The aim of Sitra’s Lifelong learning project is to support different actors in Finland in order to develop a cross-sectional policy for lifelong learning. The aim of this three-year project is to speed up the transition to a lifelong learning policy in which competence and work are seen as the building materials of well-being.

Marja Aho – Past few years Marja has been building cloud skills within the Microsoft partner ecosystem and convincing organizations on the importance of skilling. From the beginning of March she will be the Business Development Manager at Barona IT managing a recruitment training concept Elevated.fi which sources and trains IT professionals with the latest technology skills for organizations in need of new capacity.

Joonas Pajunen is the CEO at Fraktio, a (former) software developer with a tendency towards generalism. He is intrigued by continuous learning and adaptation in growth-related circumstances. Fraktio is a Finnish software development company that lives by coaching mentality. At Fraktio we research, design and develop services that help create a better world.