Why offices should go vegan?

Speaker Benjamin Pitkänen

16.6.2023 Perjantaipresis


The number of vegans is on the rise. Increasing number of people are choosing to quit animal products for ethical, environmental or health reasons. The same is happening more and more businesses too. Many offices have or are on the verge of going vegan.

Vegan activist Benjamin Pitkänen joins our Perjantaipresis 16.6.2023 and shares his views on why offices should go vegan and why it’s a great way to reduce the environmental impact of your company.

You will hear:

  • Benjamin's journey of becoming a vegan activist
  • Why are animal rights important?
  • Why should we and our societies be vegan?
  • How is veganism one of the critical solutions to the climate crisis?
  • What role should individuals and companies play in the vegan transition?

Benjamin Pitkänen is a vegan activist and a founding member of the animal rights association Viral Vegans. He is a passionate defender of animal rights and a broad-ranging influencer in both traditional and social media as an expert in veganism. His work creates visions for the future and provides politicians, businesses, communities, and individuals with ideas on how to create a vegan world together. He believes that we are close to a time when people will finally open their hearts to animals of other species, too.