Orchestrating Cloud infrastructure via Kubernetes – A brief intro to Crossplane

Speaker Ville Välimäki, UpCloud

31.5.2024 free Perjantaipresis

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Provisioning cloud infrastructure in one way or the other is increasingly familiar to many who work in ICT and software development. For those that already run and maintain Kubernetes clusters, Crossplane control plane framework by UpBound might provide value when it comes to orchestrating both infrastructure and workloads on various platforms.

Ville Välimäki from UpCloud will present several views on Crossplane, including

  • Overview of Crossplane
  • Crossplane vs. Terraform
  • Providers in the UpBound Marketplace
  • Using compositions to streamline DevOps


Ville Välimäki is a senior developer at UpCloud, working towards improving the developer experience of their customers. After doing several years of backend development and container orchestration for customer-facing services, he has learned to appreciate straightforward approaches to deploy and run development and production workloads.


You can register for the live event at Fraktio's office in Kluuvi, Helsinki, or join us for the online YouTube stream!

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