Green Code

Speaker Janne Kalliola


Green leaves that are formed from the code Green leaves that are formed from the code

Climate change and the energy crisis are forcing us to change our energy consumption. Software must also become more efficient. The solution is green coding which will be introduced at our Perjantaipresis held by Janne Kalliola on 14th April 2023. 

Green coding is observed from several angles:

  • The growth of ICT footprint and energy consumption, electronic waste

  • Software energy consumption, general model

  • Lack of measurement results and the effects

  • Eliminating energy waste

  • How to minimise energy waste 

  • Practical solutions

  • Questions and discussion

Our Perjantaipresis speaker, Janne Kalliola, is one of the founders of Exove and currently works as Chief Growth Officer and board member. He is also the chairman of the board of Code from Finland association and initiated the development of the carbon neutrality label.

Janne has been developing software since 1983, publishing several commercial software both in Finland and internationally. Green coding and general eco-efficiency have fascinated Janne for years, and he is an active keynote speaker and ambassador of green coding. He also consults on the subject.