Digitalisation in Healthcare: One simple STEP

7.9.2018 Perjantaipresis

Digitalization of Healthcare is a well known term these days, and the path looks pretty clear for those who pursuit to make a business out of it. Tanja Drca has thrown herself in the deep end of the healthcare technology -pool and seeks answers for some simple questions about healthcare digitalization. How is it going to change our healthcare system? Do we need actual doctors anymore? Are robots going to take over the medical world (as well)? And should they?

When Tanja Drca is not painting graffiti in her panda suite, taking care of patients, or sitting in math class, she is probably somewhere out there trying to figure out how to combine two things that she feels most passionate about – Medicine and Technology. During the last year, she’s created her own small STEP (as in Software for Transporting ECMO Patients) towards digitalization of healthcare.