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We are Fraktio

We create state of the art web applications. Our expertise and commitment is valued by our clients with some of the largest and most demanding online services in the market. We encourage our customers to use latest technologies and methodologies – we live by coaching mentality, sharing our know-how and bettering not just ourselves but any teams we work with.

We do this with passion and intent. Each of our projects is a never-before-seen solution to a business-critical problem or opportunity. These are projects that both us and our customer deems worthy of commitment.

Working with the best and brightest

We research, design, develop and nurture our projects from their conception to their end – whether that end is the beginning of another iteration or something else entirely.

Alternatively, we are fully capable of taking part in – or taking over – any of these phases. We have experience in working with different partners in different domains, and our strength lies in understanding the complete chain of consecutive and overlapping phases.

24 Center

Our people are unique, and so are their capabilities, their needs, and their motivations. They get to influence what they work on, therefore providing the best possible combinations for their own drive as well as our customers’ needs.

Our culture is caring, cross-disciplined, agile, and as transparent as possible. These attributes translate well to how we work with our clients and tend to influence how they do their work too.

Join us for events

We arrange free-for-all events on selected Fridays called “perjantaipresis”. These events contain presentations by enthusiastic experts on different topics, including business, culture, technology, and sometimes something uniquely weird.

The talks are either in Finnish or in English. You can join us at our office in Kamppi, or via the interwebs at perjantaipresis.fi

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Joonas Pajunen

Joonas Pajunen


050 382 3488
Petteri Hellgren Fraktio

Petteri Hellgren

Chief Growth Officer

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